Good News Or Negative Information – And The real difference Is?

At any time had another person Present you with undesirable news? How about good news? What’s the primary difference or is there a variation?

Excellent news – things or information and facts which makes us pleased, material, reassured, protected and validated.

Poor information – the other.

So, it would seem that there’s a distinction between superior and bad information – Continue reading.

Have you ever gotten negative information politics but eventually items turned out very well or much better than you anticipated? Have you at any time received Great news and with time Anything you imagined was Excellent news wound up remaining not so fantastic?

From particular expertise I can tell you that I’ve expert all four –

Good news that was superior.

Undesirable information that was negative.

Excellent news that I believed was fantastic but ended up remaining terrible.

Negative information that I believed was negative and ended up currently being excellent.

Puzzled however? Properly I understand that after a while I had been generally puzzled in regards to the difference between both of these evident opposite messages. But then I figured out that at times lousy information for 1 particular person could be perceived as Excellent news for somebody else Which Great news to 1 individual after some time might be perceived as lousy.

Puzzled? Let me explain.

Ultimately it’s just information and what can make it poor or fantastic as well as neutral isn’t the information by itself but how we understand it, judge it, Examine it or react due to it.

How can anyone perceive negative news as good you might talk to? Or the other, how could somebody perceive Excellent news as lousy?

Briefly – Each and every of us has a novel history, activities, beliefs and values and Due to this fact none of us ever see the exact same issue or circumstance in exactly the same way.

Somebody who is really a worrier, detrimental, pessimistic or impatient could possibly see a delay as undesirable when another one that understands the notion of you will discover issues we will Handle and you will find factors we can’t Manage so why get all upset about a thing You cannot Management or if you can Command it get busy.